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Support Services
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Support Staff

Cook County Department of Family and Children Services

Our staff works and communicates with the general public and clientele to supply information, benefits, and superior services . This is done to achieve client expectations and self-sufficiency. Our staff encourages and facilitates cooperation, pride and trust. We also promote commitment, team spirit and work cooperatively with clients and staff to achieve desired goals.

Program Assistant

Assist the Director with administrative duties. Intiates, composes, and types correspondence and administrative documents according to established guidelines. Maintains knowledge of all equipment and current policies, law, trends and developments in the field. Collects and compiles imformation from individuals, reports, files, databases and other sources according to program/operation policies and procedures. Screen telephone calls and responds to inquiries. Determines the relevance of collected information and reports accordingly. Responsible for greeting and directing clients to appropriate staff members. Completes on-line registration of clients following county and state procedures.

The Administrative Front Desk served 21,607 clients in the calendar year 2000.


Position serves as accounting supervisor and purchasing agent for the agency. Performs all accounting and fiscal preparation duties. Records or directs the recording of financial transactions. Prepares budget/financial reports and monitors expenditures of the agency. Maintains inventory control of all equipment and supplies. Provides support to auditors and other reviewers. Reviews and processes all related personnel transactions.

Green Thumb Program
(employment and training)

Green Thumb is a non-profit company whose vision is to be the national leader in elderly aged worker training, employment and community service. They seek to develop creative customer focused solutions using the talents and skills of the disadvantaged and elderly to meet the needs of families, communities, and an aging population. The core of Green Thumb services since 1965 has been and continues to be the Senior Community Services Employment Program. The Program is funded under Title V of the Older Americans Act. Through this program, job-ready seniors are placed into employment, while other seniors benefit from training, counseling, and community service assignments at non-profit and public host agencies prior to transition into the workforce. Participants in this program gain valuable new skills and workplace experience designed to help them secure meaningful employment, while providing critical services to their host agencies and communities. Those interested may call (229)530-7577 or go to their website at:

Student Employees

This program enhances training and experience in the work-force while pursuing further education for interested individuals. The program helps the participants obtain good work ethics, job skills, and work experience.

Internship Program

Internships are offered to college students completing their Bachelors degree with work experience related to their education. Designated supervisors monitor the student's work ethics, job performance, and related activities on a daily basis. Feedback concerning job performance is relayed to the student.


Volunteers are a great enhancement to the workplace and community. They support employees with their knowledge and job skills. Volunteering contributes valuable time to the workforce and community.

The administrative staff's primary responsibility is ensuring clients have received accurate information and their needs have been met accordingly. This is achieved through courteous inquiries and appropriate routing of received information.


Wynell Folsom--Green Thumb


Mary Lou McDaniel


Tracy McDaniel--Volunteer


Melissa Roe--Program Assistant


Arlene Tunison-- Program Assistant

"Because our face is often the first you will see, we try to make sure that it is friendly and has a smile. We want your first impression to be a good one."