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Our Director
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Linda J Chammoun 
(Jan 1, 2003- Present)

Cook County Department of Family and Children Services


Linda Chammoun is presently the Director of the Cook County Department of Family and Children Services. Ms. Chammoun began service as  the Director of the Cook County Department of Family and Children Services in January 2003.

Linda Chammoun encourages and motivates her staff to organize and plan events to increase community awareness and involvement in important issues. Because of her support and encouragement, Cook County DFCS now has a "Working Women's Clothes Closet" to provide nice, second hand clothing for women who are trying to enter the workforce. There is also a "Food Pantry" to provide canned goods and non-perishable food to families in emergency situations. Ms. Chammoun works to maintain a positive image of DFCS within the community through media coverage, community presentations, and special events.

"The primary goal of our staff is to provide the best possible financial assistance and protective services to improve the economic status and safety for all Georgia's children and families we serve."

The staff at the Cook County Department of Family and Children Services is committed to administering superior services and/or benefits to achieve client expectation, self-sufficiency, and safety.

Eligibility for all programs offered by Economic Support Services is based on financial need and other basic eligibility criteria. When the Department is unable to provide assistance, referrals for resources are given to the family. When there is a need for child or adult protection, Social Services is committed to investigate and provide a safe environment for the client.

In addition to her role within DFCS, Linda Chammoun is actively involved with many committees that address the needs of the community. She serves as an Executive Board Member of the Cook County Commission on Children and Youth, a Family Connections collaborative group. Ms. Chammoun is an active member of the TANF Collaborative Steering Committee, Cook County Child Abuse Council, and serves on the GCWA Directors Auxilary. Linda Chammoun is also an active member of the Domestic Violence Task Force.

Linda Chammoun promotes The American Cancer Society's, "Relay for Life" as a team project for the Cook County DFCS Staff. She leads her staff in distributing food and toys to needy families during the Thanksgiving and Christmas season. Ms. Chammoun is also responsible for developing Life Skills Classes at DFCS, which offer parenting, employment, and financial management classes for DFCS customers, foster parents and the general public.

The Cook County Department of Family and Children Services looks forward to serving our community in the best way possible and to serve as "A Bridge of Hands" for those in need.

A Bridge of Hands

One hand reaching for one hand
Together they can weather any storm
And two hands reaching for more hands
To reach the hurting children by the score.

So let's join our hands and build
A bridge of healing
Let us join our hands
No matter race or creed
To secure the blessings of liberty
To ourselves to posterity
Let us join our hands together to make men free.

I'll take your hand
As you take His hand
And together we can bridge across their pain
Reaching the lonely, the hungry, and battered
Giving hope, and life, and freedom
To live again.

Yvonne Zdrojowy